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I have written eight books and am currently working on my ninth. Most of my work is non-fiction, but I have written one fiction book – Blinded by Deception. The idea for this book came from some of my own personal experiences, and I wanted to share some of the knowledge about narcissism that I acquired after I went through years of narcissistic abuse and subsequent counseling.

My first book, Maria’s Mixes: A How-to Guide on Making Your Own Herbal Teas, was written after some friends urged me to do so. I make my own homemade herbal teas, and these friends thought it was a good idea to share my recipes since they liked the teas so much. Well, it was a good idea as this book has sold quite well. This propelled me into writing more books.

I also suffered many years with a uterine disorder called adenomyosis. This disorder is similar to endometriosis, causing severe abdominal pain and infertility. Not much is known about it, so I decided to write a couple of books on the disorder. My Hormones Are Killing Me: Living With Adenomyosis and Estrogen Dominance is the story of my own personal struggle with this disorder, and Adenomyosis: A Significantly Neglected and Misunderstood Uterine Disorder is a review of the most recent clinical research/findings that are helping with better diagnosis and treatment options. I also founded the group Adenomyosis Fighters which gives detailed information on the disorder and promotes more education and research.

I am currently working on Estill County: The Foothills of Appalachia which is the story of my grandfather’s life which is based in eastern Kentucky. Filled with hilarious antics and heart-wrenching tragedies, this book will have you intrigued from the moment you pick it up!

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