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Miracle In The Eyes

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My father passed away on March 30, 2014.  He had been suffering from lymphoma for 5 years and had been with hospice since January.  We talked to him about going through another round of chemotherapy since he came out of remission in 2013, but he refused it.  During his first round of chemo, he became extremely ill and ended up staying in the hospital for 9 full weeks.  He contracted histoplasmosis and almost went into respiratory failure, and the cytomegalovirus that he contracted eventually took his sight in his right eye.  Sarcomas started to appear all over his body, and this led to removal of half of his earlobe.  By 2013, he had enough and decided that he didn’t want any more treatment.  Our whole family agreed that this was his decision, and we decided to make the best of whatever time he had left. On the morning of March 30, my dad would not get out of bed, telling my mom “just a little while longer.”  Finally at about 11:30 or so, my mom went in and told him he needed to get up so he could take his medication.  She quickly realized something was very wrong, so she called hospice.  He was breathing very quickly and heavily, and the hospice nurse told her that the end was near and to let all of the kids know so that we could prepare for the end.  They began to give him morphine shots every hour to slow down his breathing.  Hospice left the home, and since my mom was by herself at this point, she decided to call her sister, Mary.  During the conversation, they prayed and asked God to “take him quickly” so he didn’t have to suffer.  When my mom hung up the phone and returned to the bedroom to check on my dad, his eyes were wide open and staring intently at the corner of the room.  My mom was surprised because he should have been asleep with all the morphine that had been given to him.  Shocked, she said, “You’re awake!”  She immediately noticed his big brown eyes, more beautiful than she had ever seen them.  The blind eye looked as if it had been healed!  My dad mumbled something without taking his eyes off the corner of the room, and then he laid back and peacefully passed away. A few months later at a bible study, a close friend of mine told me the story of her mom’s passing.  She said that moments before her passing, she opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling.  Her eyes which had been affected by cataracts were big, blue and clear.  It appeared as though her eyes had been healed, and without taking her eyes off the ceiling, she passed. In the movie, “Heaven Is For Real”, Colton talks about seeing his grandfather in heaven even though he never met him here on earth.  When his father shows Colton an older picture of his grandfather, he doesn’t recognize him.  But Colton does recognize his grandfather when his dad shows him a younger picture. So, in seeing the apparent healing in the eyes at the time of death, could we actually be witnessing the miracle of healing as these precious souls enter heaven and become young again?  Did my mom, who spent 50 years of her life with this man, witness the miracle of healing as Jesus Christ came to take my dad with him to that wonderful place where there is no more pain and suffering?  Did my mom get a glimpse into what heaven is like, not only for my dad but for all those who believe in God?  On this father’s day, the first one without my dad, my answer to those questions is a resounding yes!


  1. cindeebee says:

    Thanks for sharing this on Father’s Day, for those of us who no longer have our fathers with us.

  2. write4jan says:

    What a beautiful tribute to your Dad!

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