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Laughter IS the Best Medicine, Part 2

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So did you have a great big belly laugh at the Seinfeld blooper video that I posted on Part 1?  Well, get ready to laugh some more!  Yes, I do have another Seinfeld video, but first things first.  For Part 1 of this blog series, I discussed the physical benefits of laughter, and that should give you plenty of reasons to laugh more often.  But there are just as many mental and emotional benefits of a good laugh.  Check these out below:

1.  Reduces anxiety and promotes a more optimistic outlook.

2.  Increases energy levels.

3.  Helps to fight stress and reduce depression.

4.  Connects you to others making you feel less lonely.

5.  Shifts perspective on events in your life and helps you from feeling overwhelmed.

6.  Triggers positive feelings.

7.  Increases your self esteem.

8.  Increases your creativity and problem-solving abilities.

So, there you have it…..even more reasons to laugh!  So check out the video below and just laugh, laugh, laugh!




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