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Cute little story from the 1950’s

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Today, I’ve decided to share a cute little story, courtesy of my own mother. I have written a book, “Life at Nazareth College and Academy, Nazareth, Kentucky”. This book is a compilation of letters that my mom sent home to my grandmother while she was attending Nazareth, a Catholic boarding school and college, in the 1950’s. I had such fun writing this book as some of the stories are just so darn funny! What fun they had!

February 5, 1954

Last week was a terrible week. By the time Sunday rolled around which was the day I was to take the test, I was in an awful state. I lost my appetite, couldn’t sleep and was worried sick. I was scared to death when I went to take the test and as a result, I didn’t do very well. I think Sister Macrina was very disappointed in what I did. She had given me as many as three lessons a day that week. I’m discouraged over it but guess I’ll get over it after a while.

Sunday afternoon after the tests were over, we all decided to go to Bardstown to a movie and eat supper. We had a wonderful time. The movie was “Roman Holiday” and was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. After the movie, we went to the Coffee Shop and had hamburgers, French fries and cokes. Mary and I caught a cab back out here about 6:30.

That night the Holy Name Band from Louisville came out to give a concert. The Sisters fixed them a big dinner in the social hall. They had a pretty good band and played some well-known numbers. The highlight of the program was a concerto for piano with band accompaniment. A girl by the name of Mary Kelly Hamilton played the piano. You should have seen that girl play! She was marvelous!! Sister Macrina was up in the balcony so she could look down and see her hands when she played. Every time the girl would play a loud note, Sister would jump up and go to the edge of the balcony so she could see better. Sister was in a spot where the whole audience could see her and to tell the truth, more people were watching her rather than the girl. Well, one time when she had jumped up, the music got very soft and as she sat down, she must have sat down too hard. You have never heard such a commotion in all your life. Crunch, crackle, creak!! The chair broke down with her and she disappeared from view. At first, everybody thought she had fainted, but after about three minutes, she popped up and left the balcony. By that time, everybody had gotten over their first scare and was in a case of laughing hysterics, that is everybody except Sister Margaret Gertrude. She got real mad not knowing that it was Sister Macrina that had made the noise. Sister Macrina told us later that she was so embarrassed she crawled on her hands and knees to the door of the balcony, got up finally and let herself out. I can just picture Sister Macrina crawling!

Well, yesterday was the biggest surprise of all when Pat Blackburn stuck her head in the harp room.  She had driven the truck she won last spring and had come to spend the night here with us.  We really had a nice long visit.  She drove us around the campus in her truck which is a red Chevrolet and is named “Redbird”.  She is going to U.K. and is majoring in Home Economics.  She left this afternoon at 1:00.  I wish she would come back here to school.

At 12 today, the music majors had a dinner in the gym.  Sister Rose Agnes, Ginny and Rosie Greenwell’s aunt came down from Louisville to give it in honor of Ginny’s birthday which is the 11th of this month.  We had hot dogs, buns, potato sticks, fruit salad, cokes, candy, nuts and birthday cake.  Believe it or not, I ate two hot dogs.  I was so hungry!  The cake was a huge three layer yellow one with lots of white coconut icing on it.

I guess this is enough for now.  Please write soon and often.  I only got two letters this week, one from you and one from Ella Jo.



I hope you enjoyed that story as much as I did! Want to read more? The book is available for sale on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and

“Life at Nazareth College and Academy, Nazareth, Kentucky” by Maria Martin

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