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Narcissism linked to problems in parenting, study says

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This morning, I read a very interesting article that was published in the Los Angeles Times. A study, done by some researchers at Ohio State University, has shown that parents who overly value their child run the risk of that child becoming narcissistic later in life.

This intrigued me since I have noticed this same issue in several people who I have come across in my lifetime. I have suspected that the development of narcissism may be more likely to develop in children who are overly pampered or in those who are expected to meet extremely high expectations. I was not only amazed but also happy that this study, the first one of its kind, was able to show the link between overvaluation and narcissism.

Here is the link to the actual article. I encourage you to read it:

I will also be publishing a new book, Blinded By Deception, in the next few months. This fiction book delves into life within a narcissistic family, and interestingly enough, the family is one that overly pampers their own family members. I hope that this book will give further insight and understanding on how narcissistic personality develops and how the victim can identify and deal with it.


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