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Thank you, Jesus

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Thank you, Jesus
For all that you have done for me
For the beautiful blue sky
And the peacefulness of the sea

For dew drops on roses
and the smell of a freshly mowed lawn
For all the beautiful flowers
And the birds chirping at dawn

For the smell of a daffodil
And the rain after a spring shower
For the beauty of a rainbow
This is all because of your power

For the smell of cinnamon in the fall,
And apple pie in the oven
For hot apple cider on a cold day
All this was made for lovin'

For the sound of rustling leaves
And an autumn chill in the air
For birds flying south for the winter
And laughter at a fall fair

For the joy of the holiday season
and all of my family and friends,
For a gorgeous Christmas snowfall
Heavy as the tree branch bends

For the sound of a cat's purr
To the joy when you pet their head
Thank you for all this
As it rarely is said

But most of all, Jesus
Thank you for dying on the cross
If not for you
I would be at a loss

I cannot comprehend 
Your overwhelming love
Thank you, dear Jesus
For your glory above.


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