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Heavenly Flowers

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Several weeks ago, I went to visit my mom and stayed overnight at her house. We had a wonderful time as we always do…shopping, eating out, and running errands. The weather was perfect, and we even laughed until our stomachs hurt as we watched Chevy Chase in the classic movie, Christmas Vacation.

The next morning, we decided to visit my dad’s grave. Before we left, we shuffled through a container in her garage that were full of artificial flowers since we wanted the grave to look nice for the holiday season. We found several things that we had put on the grave last year, but we were disappointed to find only one poinsettia (there are two vases on either side of the grave – see picture above). We decided that we needed to stop by Michaels to get another poinsettia.

As we walked the aisles of flowers in the store, we picked up many different flowers, but none of them really stood out to either of us. We looked at all colors but decided that red would be best. However, the red poinsettias that we saw were to big for the small vases at the grave. We looked at white ones and even blue ones, but neither of us were really happy with what we found. However, in those first ten minutes or so, we did find some really pretty stems, leaves, and pinecones that were covered with artificial snow, and they were small enough to work in the vases. But, it still needed something more.

Suddenly, my mom saw another area with Christmas flowers. We walked toward this new section, and since we were having some trouble deciding what to get, I said, “OK, Dad, show us what you want!” Both my mom  and I laughed. My mom went to one end of the aisle while I went to the other. Then I saw it…one single red poinsettia with a small amount of glitter on the inner leaves. I looked closely at it, and I thought it was perfect. I picked it up, turned toward my mom, and to my surprise, she was holding and looking at the exact same poinsettia! I called to her, and when she turned to me and saw me with the same flower, we just smiled.

“I guess this is what Dad wants,” I said.

She laughed. “I guess so!”

To add a little more red color, we added a red hydrangea. Feeling quite certain that we had the perfect flowers, we eagerly went to the cemetery and decorated Dad’s grave for Christmas. When it was done, it looked just beautiful and perfect. We were both so happy and at peace. We both knew that Dad was with us that day, and we knew that he helped us to pick out the flowers.

Miracles happen every day. Just watch for them. They are all around you, and you will miss them if you’re not looking!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and miraculous Christmas this year!







  1. Grace says:

    Hi Maria,
    My husband and I were talking to your mom a couple days ago, she shared this flower story with us. It made us smile. The next day I went online to check out the books you have written, which led me to your blogs. I have to say, I am enjoying each and every one of them. Keep up the good work, you are helping people in many different ways.

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