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Miss Angel Cat’s Advice on How to Wake Up Your Human

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I finally was able to get Mom to let me post something on her blog, and I am so excited! For my first post, I want to offer my advice to all my feline friends on how to wake up your human in the morning.

Isn’t it awful to have to wait for them to wake up? I mean, I’m hungry! I want my morning treat! Sometimes I have to wait almost an hour before she finally gets up and follows me to the kitchen where the food is located. Sigh….it gets old. So, I have developed some clever tactics to get her out of bed. Here they are:

  1. I go up to her face and put my nose next to hers. At the very least, it will make her scrunch up her face and move a little.
  2. I place my paw on her face…repeatedly until she begins to wake up.
  3. If those tactics don’t work, I start rubbing my paws loudly against the headboard. This usually wakes her up enough to push me away. But that doesn’t matter to me…I want my food and treat!
  4. Then I push my paws against the blinds. This makes a ton of noise. She usually yells at me to be quiet.
  5. Next, I move to the bedside table and begin to push everything on it off and onto the floor. This will irritate her and she will tell me to stop, but nothing can stop me from getting my treat!
  6. So if all that doesn’t work,  I leave the room and go to another room. I run as fast as I can and jump on the bed. Sometimes I have to do this several times. Usually this will wake her up.
  7. One time, I just couldn’t wake her up, so I tried this one last thing. I must say, Mom was quite upset with me. But desperate times call for desperate measures! I ran as fast as I could and jumped on the bed, right smack onto her face. She was angry with me, but she got up immediately!

I hope these tips help my dear cat friends out there!


Miss Angel Cat


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