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Blinded by Deception

Follow along with Nikki as she struggles to deal with a narcissistic family for twenty eight years. Her confusion early on led to a deep clarity about herself and her family after she learned all about Narcissistic Personality Disorder. With the help of family and friends, she found thBlinded by Deception: Life With a Narcissist by Maria Yeagere support she needed to get through a deep valley in her life. Both group and individual counseling helped to educate her on the best way to cope with being a victim of narcissism, and her faith in God gave her the strength to go on and not give up. In the process, she became acutely aware of the depth of her inner strength. In the end, she was able to overcome, and she used her experiences to help others in need. This book will have you cheering as you witness a woman who loses everything and ends up incredibly blessed and happier than she had ever imagined!

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