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Jesus Has a Sense of Humor

“Angel” – that is the name of my beautiful kitty cat. But I should have named her “Ornery”.

She is chock full of personality, and sometimes I call her “Miss Personality”. It is hard for me to hold her and love on her because she always wants to get down and play. When I talk to her, she rolls onto her back over and over again, and she loves to talk back. In fact, she is the most talkative cat that I have ever owned. One of the funniest things that she does is when she smells something, she will open her mouth and just look at me. It is one of the funniest things I have ever seen!

When I throw a toy in the air, she jumps up so high to get it – sometimes three to four feet! I am always shocked when she jumps that high. While I write in my living room, she goes down to the first level of my townhouse and looks out the window at the birds and those who walk their dogs. She absolutely loves to do this, but every 15 minutes or so, she comes back up to “check” on me. She lets me pet her head and she rubs up against me, and then she returns to the lower level to look out the window. It is so incredibly cute!

To understand this story, I have to share my morning routine. Angel sleeps on the bed with me. When I wake up, I turn on the TV and listen to the news for about ten minutes or so, and Angel knows this, so she patiently waits for me. But if it takes any more than ten minutes, she will start to meow. Then she will jump on the nightstand and start pushing things off onto the floor. I know at that point that I need to get up and get moving.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. When I woke up, I immediately picked up the phone and called my mom. This was different from the normal routine, so I guess it bothered Angel. While talking to my mom, she went over to the blinds and started patting them as hard as she could with her paws which made quite a bit of noise. I snapped my fingers to get her to be quiet at which point she stopped and looked at me. I continued to talk to my mom, and she went back to batting at the blinds. I gave up, got out of bed and went downstairs with her while I talked to my mom. We both laughed at Angel’s behavior – cats certainly know how to get us to do what they want!

This morning, when I woke up, Angel started to bat the blinds again with her paws. She didn’t even wait the usual ten minutes or so. I think she may have learned from yesterday that if she messes with the blinds, I will get up immediately. And that is exactly what I did! She certainly has me figured out!

Well, there is a picture of Jesus on the wall that I see every day when I go downstairs. This picture of Jesus is the same one from the book “Heaven is for Real”, and it is my favorite picture of Him. This morning, I was caught off guard as I glanced at this picture. For a split second, it looked as if Jesus was smiling….kind of as if he was about to laugh. I quickly looked back at the picture, and He looked just like He had always looked, but I knew what I saw in that split second. I smiled and then chuckled.

“Yeah, you are the one that gave her to me!” I said quietly as I walked down the steps, laughing. I then picked up Angel and loved on her, knowing that she was a gift from Jesus. I always knew that, but this morning I was reminded of how lucky I am to have this wonderful cat in my life.

Laughter IS the Best Medicine, Part 2

So did you have a great big belly laugh at the Seinfeld blooper video that I posted on Part 1?  Well, get ready to laugh some more!  Yes, I do have another Seinfeld video, but first things first.  For Part 1 of this blog series, I discussed the physical benefits of laughter, and that should give you plenty of reasons to laugh more often.  But there are just as many mental and emotional benefits of a good laugh.  Check these out below:

1.  Reduces anxiety and promotes a more optimistic outlook.

2.  Increases energy levels.

3.  Helps to fight stress and reduce depression.

4.  Connects you to others making you feel less lonely.

5.  Shifts perspective on events in your life and helps you from feeling overwhelmed.

6.  Triggers positive feelings.

7.  Increases your self esteem.

8.  Increases your creativity and problem-solving abilities.

So, there you have it…..even more reasons to laugh!  So check out the video below and just laugh, laugh, laugh!




Laughter IS the Best Medicine!

Have you ever laughed so hard that you feel like you can’t breathe and your abdomen is going to explode?  Well, that’s a good thing!  All that wonderful laughter is an excellent workout of your abdominal muscles!  What a fun way to do an abdominal workout – no panting, no sweating – just laughing your head off!

Laughter is chock full of health benefits, both mental and physical.  This will be a two part blog, and today I will focus on the physical benefits of laughter.  Just watching something really funny and having a good, hearty laugh can improve your health in many ways physically!  Just check out the benefits below:

1.  Strengthens your immune system by increasing the levels of immune cells and antibodies that fight infection.

2.  Lowers blood pressure by increasing blood flow.  This can have a protective effect on the heart.

3.  Has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics.

4.  Reduces the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline and triggers the release of endorphins, relaxing the whole body.

5.  Increases memory and learning.

6.  Improves alertness and creativity.

7.  Reduces pain and increases energy.

So go ahead, laugh like you’ve never laughed before!  It’s great for your health!

I am a huge Seinfeld fan.  The following video is part 1 of Seinfeld bloopers involving Julia Louis Dreyfus.  I found these videos several years ago, and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life.  Check it out…..I hope you laugh til your abs ache!







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