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Sick of This Election? Here’s Something to Make You Laugh!

It seems like I tend to write about serious stuff most of the time, and today, I was going to write about narcissistic rage. I will eventually write about that, but with only three weeks left until the election, everyone seems stressed, so I decided to write something that would make people laugh just to forget about all this political nonsense for a while 🙂

Probably about ten years ago or so, I took a flight from Greenville, South Carolina to Washington, D.C. A lot of things were going on in my life, both personal and work-related, and I had a lot on my mind. I sat down at the gate as I waited to board the plane. About ten minutes or so before I expected to board, I decided to run to the bathroom.

My mind was just a whirlwind of thoughts. As I walked toward the bathroom, I was so engulfed in my own thoughts that it was almost as if I was doing everything on auto-pilot. I didn’t even really remember walking into the bathroom. Once in the stall, I came out of my thought coma and suddenly realized that everything seemed to be so clean.

“Wow,” I thought to myself. “This place is cleaner than my own bathroom!” Anyone that really knows me knows that I am a germaphobe and very clean.

Still in awe at the cleanliness of the stall, I opened the door, took one step out of the stall, and then realized that I was staring at a wall of urinals. I quickly realized that a man was standing at one of them not far from me. I backed up and shut the door as fast as I could.

“OMG!” I thought to myself. “How did I not see that coming in here??” It actually scared me to think that I could be so engulfed in my own thoughts that I walked right past an entire wall of urinals without even noticing them!

Realizing that there was no way out, I peeked out the door. The man was still there, and I saw that he was dressed in a pilot uniform. I stepped back inside the stall, uttering a couple of cuss words to myself. I was so incredibly embarrassed, but I had to get out of there. I quickly walked out with my head down, my hand cupped around the left side of my face so I couldn’t see him. I quietly said “I am so sorry” as I passed behind him. As my steps increased to almost a sprint to get out of the bathroom, I ran right into a woman exiting the woman’s bathroom. She gave me the weirdest look as she realized that I had been in the men’s restroom. I burst out laughing.

“I went into the wrong restroom!” I shrieked through my laughter.

She burst into laughter. “Oh my goodness!” she said. “Oh, honey, we’ve all done something like that!”

“I am so embarrassed!” I responded. The two of us continued to laugh as I walked into the ladies restroom to wash my hands. I couldn’t stop laughing. As I walked back toward the gate, I tried my best to control my laughter and then suddenly I saw him…the pilot that had been in the bathroom. I kept my head down hoping that he wouldn’t recognize me. If he did, he didn’t say anything.

I was so thankful to get out of that airport that day! It was certainly a day I wouldn’t forget!



Wild Turkeys!


Well, Father’s Day is just around the corner, and this will be the second one without my dad as he passed away in March, 2014. However, since his passing, my family has had some interesting sightings of wild turkeys which we attribute to humorous messages from my dad. Intrigued?

Some 35 to 40 years ago, my paternal grandparents gave my parents a set of nice dishes as a gift. These dishes had wild turkeys on them, and my grandfather loved the pattern, so he decided to buy them for my mom and dad. My mom took very good care of them, and she even displayed the large turkey platter in the dining room.

About 15 years ago, my mom was cleaning in the dining room when suddenly she dropped something that hit the large platter, and it broke. Luckily, my dad wasn’t home at the time, and she picked up the pieces and hid them in a box in the basement. She was so worried that my dad would be upset since this was a special gift from his parents. Over the years, she looked into ways of either repairing the platter or replacing it, but she never followed up on this because of the cost. She did tell all of her kids about this, but my dad never knew about it. Unbelievably, he never noticed that it was missing and never asked about it.

Two days after my dad passed away, I was talking on the phone with my mom when I heard her gasp. “There’s a wild turkey in my backyard!” she exclaimed. Quickly, we both remembered the broken platter with the wild turkeys on it, and we both laughed as we agreed that this was a sign from dad. “He knows about the platter now!” we both said while laughing.

A couple of days later, as I drove to my parent’s house for the funeral, a wild turkey crossed right in front of my car! I couldn’t believe it! I looked up toward the sky and said, “Yeah, I know dad. You know about the platter.” I just laughed, and when I shared this with my mom, she couldn’t believe it.

Fast forward a year. Several days before the anniversary of my dad’s death, my mom went outside to pick up her newspaper. As she unrolled it, she was in disbelief. On the front page was an article about wild turkeys in the area near her home!

Is this a sign from my dad? Is he trying to make us laugh as he sends the message that he is alright? We believe so. We believe that he is now cancer-free, happy, and at peace in the glorious presence of God, the Father Almighty.

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful fathers out there, both living and deceased. We have all been so blessed by your unwavering love and support for your families!

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